“Before the beginning of the January offensive I was in trenches on the Bug river” – Marshal Konev related – “when Stalin called me on the field phone. ‘- Listen, Konev, have you ever been to Kraków?’ ‘- Obviously not, Comrade Stalin, I have never been anywhere outside the Soviet Union…’ ‘- Aha’ – murmured Stalin. ‘- Then you will be. Kraków is such a city on the way of your offensive. A beautiful city, one of the most beautiful in Europe. There is a Kremlin there and such a large Main Market Square, and in it is the Hawełka restaurant. You will go there and have a drink of vodka on me. But on one condition: you must preserve this city from destruction during military operations”. Stalin knew Kraków, he met Lenin there in 1912.

Jan Garlicki “Memories from the City Hall”

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Barszcz czerwony z jajkiem, Gulasz z indyka, ziemniaki, surówka, sorbet owocowy

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