Before World War I in the happy city of Kraków – according to Zygmunt Nowakowski – every well-to-do Pole considered it his sacred duty (…) to stop at Wawel castle, to weep at the royal tombs, to breathe in the Polish atmosphere and to have a few drinks at Hawełka.

Polish customs have also been adopted by multitudes of tourists. The Hawełka restaurant, where you can have a drink and taste old-fashioned Polish cuisine, as in days gone by, is an important point on the route of discovering Poland and Royal Kraków. And we consider it our duty to let you know about all the events, attractions and surprises.

The Tetmajer Lounge

Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Nobel Prize winner, was a frequent guest at Hawełka. When he took a cigar, the waiter hurried to hand him matches and a cigar cutter, saying: Master – with fire! and sword! (referring to Sienkiewicz’s famous historical novel “With Fire and Sword”).

The dining lounge with its remarkable history is available to the guests upon special request. History and art play a special role here. The frieze painted by Włodzimierz Tetmajer presents scenes from the life and feasts of Polish gentry – dances, revelries, frolicking in which Master Twardowski himself took part. Art Nouveau, Polish modernism, painting, poetry and exquisite culinary art in the same place and at the same time. Here, every meeting will have an exceptional atmosphere.


- O, Mother of God! There are the ones with custard! – a customer exclaimed. And soon he went into raptures again.
- Oh God! They have the sweet rolls with rose petal jam, too!
- Have you come here to pray or to buy? – a lady in the queue asked, amazed at his exclamations.

All natural ingredients, unique recipes and the excellent skills of the Hawełka Master Pastry Chef make this place a Temple of Sweet Delights. Anyone who has ever tasted the “Raspberry Cloud” or the chocolate explosion in the “Tetmajer Gateau” will repeat it like a mantra.

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The Hawełka alfresco area

At tables with a view of the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church, we serve our dishes, drinks and desserts to our guests. Hawełka outdoor dining provides unforgettable culinary and scenic impressions.