Hawełka’s Patisserie

“To perform works of mercy towards the bodies of the inhabitants of Krakow” was one of the sacred duties of Hawełka’s staff, as the Kraków weekly “Illustrated News” reported in 1913. This rule is still binding, which anyone who tastes the delicacies of Hawełka’s Master Pastry Chef, will find out.

They melt in your mouth and take sweetness to a new dimension. The cakes and pastries from Hawełka’s Patisserie will captivate every gourmet. And for those who will forget about calorie counting at least for a moment, these desserts will provide a strong alibi. How to resist a dew topped cheese cake served with hot cherries?

Yeast cakes and puff pastries, apple cakes, strudels and excellent gateaux. Hawełka’s Patisserie serves delicacies prepared according to old recipes combined with modern flavours and aromas.