Dania główne

  • Penne pasta with strips of grilled beef tenderloin, served with cream-cheese sauce and capers
  • 33,- PLN
  • Pikeperch baked on vegetable and porcini mushroom ravioli served with cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach and red pepper sauce
  • 57,- PLN
  • Salmon roasted with curry rice and prawns served with truffle flavour cucumber spaghetti with mustard and charlock sauce and beetroot puree
  • 56,- PLN
  • Chicken fillet on vegetable ragout with potatoes and spinach pesto
  • 39,- PLN
  • Duck breast served on zucchini-onion tart with a salad of lamb’s lettuce, marinated ginger, fresh pear and cranberry with orange-coriander sauce
  • 48,- PLN
  • Traditional pork chop with bone in crispy batter, served with fried cabbage, potatoes, butter and fresh dill
  • 36,- PLN
  • Pork tenderloin with mountain cheese served on potato slices with cherry and cranberry sauce
  • 47,- PLN
  • Grilled veal tenderloin with fresh spinach, potato dumplings, chanterelles in sour cream and fresh thyme
  • 59,- PLN
  • Beef tenderloin steak served on celery puree with confit potatoes, sugar peas and herb butter
  • small 84,- PLN
    large 99,- PLN
  • Grilled seasoned entrecote with gorgonzola, fried potatoes and a bouquet of lettuces
  • 63,- PLN
  • Marinated leg of lamb, baked in fresh herbs, served with pearl barley, bacon, marinated beetroot and rosemary sauce
  • 72,- PLN
  • Wild boar tenderloin in bacon served on lentil dumplings with juniper and thyme sauce and mini carrots
  • 67,- PLN