The Tetmajer Lounge

„Our City – the heart of Poland, who denies it – blasphemer,
The famous Market Square – the heart of Kraków.
The whole life picture centres here – so familiar:
Friedlein, St.Mary’s spire, Hawełka, the Rams (…)”

– so went the song of the “Green Balloon” cabaret performing in the “Jama Michalika” café.

In the 1930s it was in the Tetmajer Lounge that the “Green Balloon” tradition was continued. The annual satirical puppet shows “Puppets at Hawełka” went down in the history of Polish satire.

Art Nouveau, Polish modernism, painting, poetry and exquisite culinary art in the same place and at the same time. Here every meeting will have exceptional climate. Banquets, private and business meetings take place in this lounge. Available at special request, the Tetmajer Lounge can accommodate up to 90 guests in its special unforgettable atmosphere.